Our Mission

• To build self- actualized young men and women with the ability to make informed choices.
• To instill in students, the values of hardwork and self discipline in their persuit of excellence.
• To foster in students, integrity and the courage of ionviction through their experience at school.
• To develop in students a healthy respect for and appreciation of different cultures, both local and global.
• To nurture in students an awareness of the anvironmental and aconomic issues of the contemporary world to prepare them for their role as leader.
• We at HKWS are absolutely commited to serve the society & improve the mode of life by importing high quality education in the modern world ,looking after explicit and implicit needs of the students, society, humanity and secularity.
• To impart quality education, to give an anviable growth to seekers of learning, ti groom them as world class students competent to match the expanding expectations of the corporate world has been our ever enlarging vision extended to new horizons since the incaption of HKWS.